Marine Insurance

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a must for all responsible boat owners!

BayMarine’s insurance policies are tailored to your individual needs, working together with Australia’s leading marine insurance specialists with years of experience in the boating industry, Club Marine Insurance.

Owning a boat represents a major capital investment and a commitment to substantial running costs. Unlike other big investments, a boat moves through two unpredictable elements – water and wind; and it has a greater potential to damage or to be damaged.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a runabout, a cruiser, or a racing yacht, Club Marine Insurance is designed to meet your particular needs.

Please ask our professional BayMarine Business Manager for details.
Through Club Marine, your Boat Protection benefits are unique, and totally in tune with reality. Even more important, we help protect everything you own (property, assets) against possible claims that can arise if you or your boat causes damage to another person or person’s property. This is Third Party insurance – perhaps even more essential than Boat insurance – and Club Marine members receive the most comprehensive cover available. It isn’t being the biggest that has made us the best. It’s being the best that’s made us the biggest!

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